Visitor’s Book

Since 1994 at his creation nearly 200 000 visitors have already discovered the Memorial Museum, This include many non-profit societies and veterans associations but also schools from all over France many veterans of various nationalities and individuals.

You will find below the names of some noteworthy visitors who honored the museum with their presence:

  • Mr Vincent CARVER
    US consul
  • Georges PORMENTE
    Lieutenant General
    Lieutenant General (air force)
  • Emile THIERRY
    Brigadier General former pilot from the 2/5 Lafayette squadron
  • Lionel LENFANT
    Brigadier General in charge of the historical patrimony department of the army
  • Mr François DE VERNEJOUL
    son to General DE VERNEJOUL, a commanding officer from the French 5th AD
  • Mrs Magali MAGNAN
    daughter to general MAGNAN, a commanding officer from the 9th colonial ID
    daughter to general FAURE, commanding officer 1st French PIR
  • Mrs Ghislaine SCHLESSER-SANZEY
    daughter to general SCHLESSER, commanding officer of the 5th AD
    wife to lieutenant-colonel Paul HEINRICH aka BEAUMONT, HQ from 1st French PIR.
  • Colonel Robert NICAISE
    former member from heavy bomber command
    “first French ace”, Liberation Companion
  • Mr Jean-Baptiste TERNI
    former member of the Moroccan colonial infantry regiment, 9th colonial ID
  • Mr Pierre LORILLON
    former pilot and ace from Normandie-Niemen squadron
  • Mr Claude PINOTEAU
    film director and former member of the French 1st PIR
  • Mr Roger GUILLAUME
    former fighter pilot from 2/5 Lafayette squadron
  • Mr Julius MEIMBERG
    former fighter pilot from German 53rd squadron
  • Mr John SHIRLEY
    former member of the 3rd infantry division, US Army
  • Mr Henri WENISCH
    former mechanic to major MARIN LA MESLEE
  • Mr Derek Leyland STEVENSON
    former pilot from the Royal Air Force
  • Mr Jean BARBUTI
    sculptor and former member of French foreign legion 1st cavalry regiment, 5th French AD 
  • Mr Julian MITCHELL
    former member of the 3rd infantry division, US Army
  • Mr Charles DEUVE
    crew member from tank MISTRAL II from French 1st armoured regiment, 5th AD
  • Mr Byron LEMMON
    former member of the 3rd infantry division, US Army

Whoever you may be and wherever you may come from, we would be pleased to welcome you and hope to answer to you questions and expectations about this ill-known period of our national and local history.