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Today Alsace is a peaceful place to live but 70 years ago it was the theatre of incredibly violent combats, of a relentless fight between Germany and France. Alsace was annexed by Germany in 1940. For the Nazis, it was crucial that the region should a German province for political as well as strategic reasons. It became French again only after heart-rending sacrifices. A turning point in the liberation of Alsace, the combats of the Colmar pocket left behind them chaotic sights of cities reduced to rubble and charred tanks… This book offers to the reader an insight into this dreadful period through archive documents, most of which had never been published before. Because few words indeed could describe the sufferings and self-abnegation born both by soldiers and civilians caught between the crossfire. Just like the musée mémorial des combats de la poche de Colmar, this book wishes to keep memory alive and especially to pay a tribute to all those people, soldiers and civilians alike, who survived the fights or passed away…
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